Sunday, September 19, 2010

It appears that I gained a little weight in Europe...

But thankfully, it's the life-giving kind of weight :).

I realized recently that there are some people who read this blog who aren't on Facebook ... and thus might not know that Colin and I are expecting a baby on December 1st. So here's the official announcement, with apologies for the delay!

To the right is a photo at about 28 weeks. We don't yet know if baby Mathewson is a boy or a girl (and won't know until the day of the birth, unless the doctor slips up and spills the beans, since the info is in my chart). Any guesses?

As has been pointed out to us, it appears we like to take on multiple major life transitions at once: moving, starting seminary, becoming parents. Or getting married, moving, and joining a new intentional community, to name a past example. So maybe it's true, we like to take life in big chunks. But we're grateful for this expectation of new life, even though -- as everyone says -- we really have no idea how this little person will change our life :).