Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Four Mothers of KIA Soldiers on the Fourth

At the Coronado Fourth of July parade today a line of four somber women walked the route holding signs with the picture of their sons who had been killed in action.  Some veterans group had passed ahead of them, so folks were on their feet clapping, but when the mothers approached silence grew.  There was an awkwardness and confusion, too.  And respect.  But when wounded veterans next limped by, the crowd raised up a relieved cheer, again certain that acclamation was the appropriate response.

Then, breathtakingly, a squadron of high school students in army fatigues marched into view without any explanation for their military affiliation.  Did they know whom they followed?  Their mothers, our mothers, the world's mothers, with a message for all of us: war tears apart and does not remend.  A sobering note amid a sea of patriotic revelry.